Lisa Herald



Spirit filled, anointed, yoke breaking & powerful are just a few words to describe this dynamic family!  

The daughter of a preacher, Lisa, was born in a small town in Southern Indiana.  She grew up singing in church by her father and mothers side and remembers fondly kneeling at the alter in prayer.  However, it wasn't until she turned 16 that she felt conviction hit her heart and she cried out to the Lord and felt Mercy & Grace cover her!  Not long after she was saved she wrote her first song titled The Conviction.

In 1995 John Herald and Lisa were married. John was also the son of a preacher and they began their journey of serving the Lord together. They were youth ministers at New Frankfort Pentecostal Church for 5 years when the Lord pricked their spirit to reach more souls.  John answered the call to preach in 2013 and John now pastors at New Frankfort Church! 

The Herald are honored to say that all three of their children are saved! During a New Years Eve church service in 2014 their daughter, Christian answered the mighty call of conviction and went to the alter in prayer! That following June, twin Johnathan was saved while attending a youth camp in Granit City, IL! Eldest twin, Jacob Herald was saved on April 6th, 2016 during a youth revival in Austin, IN! All 3 children minister for the Lord to help see souls saved! 



You can expect the Herald Family to pour their hearts and souls into each service and give God the Praise He Deserves! For a closer look at this family find them on Facebook.